Woodpckr Airtrust Wallet

Multi-accounts Multi-cryptocurrency trustless wallet using an air-gapped hardware vault.

A system we all deserve.



Specifications & Roadmap


Non-custodian wallet

Your funds are totally in your control and we don't even obtain custody temporarily ever.

Trustless Security

Better than military grade essentially. Open source codebase & air-gapped approach with stripped down hardware & software capabilties. Just enough to do intended actions.

Not a general purpose system to be able to do whatever.

Complete package

Vault + Wallet + Decentralized exchanges + DApps interaction

A system we all deserve. Not a partial decentralized vision.

Thriving User-Experience

There is always a trade-off between Security & Convenience. We push the boundary to achieve greatest convenience possible without compromising with security.

Open-Source Code

Everything is open-sourced. Feel free to do whatever with it.

Collaborate & give back. More support ensures ecosystem stays healthy.

Stay upto date with development

Absolutely no spam policy!

Maximum security shouldn’t be just for elites. Right to security!

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